The Dylan Kohlstadt Show

S02 E05 | Following Your Dreams | Carl Smythe

October 05, 2019 Dylan Kohlstadt
The Dylan Kohlstadt Show
S02 E05 | Following Your Dreams | Carl Smythe
Show Notes

Welcome to season 2, episode 05 of the #AskDK Show. Today we are talking to one of the most inspiring people I've ever met, Carl Smyth, founder, and owner of Pinnacle Marketing. Carl comes from an insurance company and, when he noticed there was a market for mobile device insurance, started his own company. He faced many challenges, but he made it work!

On the #AskDKShow, we chat with inspiring people, learning how to #begreat, from marketing, social media and especially entrepreneurship, let's learn and grow together. Don't be good, be GREAT! Want to get on to the show? Tweet me your questions with #AskDK!

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